Heavy Metal Tribute Artist Edition Screen Print 9.5"x18" from Neckahneck

Per Diem Printing

  • $38.00

HEAVY METAL is a single color serigraph that was printed as part of a correspondence art project began in 2015, Originally conceived as a tribute to the heavy metal comics from the 1980's, the print was designed to be mailed out and the text bubbles filled in and then mailed back or off to another artist.  I have alway had a special place in my heart for correspondence art (mail art) and actively participate whenever I can.  I sent out 22 copies of this print to 6 different countries... to date I have not received any copies back, I have 10 Artists Proofs left in the shop and would love for them to find good homes -Neckahneck, June 2018

HEAVY METAL is a signed, artist edition (AP) screen print on 320gsm archival paper with a decked edge.  The prints are all hand pulled and density may vary slightly from print to print.