About Us


A printing company with a combined 40+ years of experience established in West Hartford, Connecticut in early 2018 by combining 918 Printery, a letterpress shop, and Neckahneck Ink, a serigraph shop. Our three human operation works hard to design, develop, and ship to you custom, beautiful, and sometimes wacky prints and works of art for your viewing pleasure. With a special focus on partnering with new and emerging artists and bringing artists who practice other mediums to print.  
To date we have produced and shipped 50,000 pieces of art to wholesale and retail customers all over the world. We hope that you will continually check back for more awesome products and tell your friends about us with the hashtag #perdiemprinting.


Art Prints

Art Prints are produced in house on state of the art printers and presses putting print quality and the longevity of each individual print first. With over 1.5 million dollars of top of the line imaging machines at our disposal, we make it our mission to fill production runs of the highest quality art prints and products quickly and reliably.   

Letter Press

Letter-press printing, the world over, is known as “The art preservative of arts”.

Letterpress is a method of printing where artwork is embedded into the paper using printing plates. These "relief" plates are hand-set and then inked by the press operator allowing the design and lettering to be imprinted onto the paper.  The letterpress embosses the design into the surface of the paper creating an impression.

Our largest press is a 70 year old, single color Heidel­berg cylinder automatic feed letter press with a maximum sheet size of 21"x28". Heidel­berg cylinder presses are claimed by many to be the peak of precision letterpress work at volume.

The fundamental advantage of a cylinder press is that the impression of paper on type only has to be delivered at the point where the cylinder touches the image. Other presses have to get an impression across the whole area of the image at once. This means cylinder presses can use a greater force with greater precision that their platen equivalent.


Commonly known as silk screen or screen printing, serigraphy is a printing technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate (paper)  except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil. We prepare our stencils digitally and transfer them to screens using a photographic process.

Screen Printing is an extremely versatile way to print an image and the techniques employed are nearly without limit. Our print runs are typically numbered and often highly sought after by collectors based on the process alone.

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